Welcome aboard the BassOasis


The BassOasis Charter Vessel…this proven fish killer, the classic 46′ Bertram, with more fishing room than any boat its size or even some larger.

This specialized 6-Pack charter service in San Diego, CA offers you the chance to fish with friends and family only. Plenty of rail space minimizes tangled lines. We are equipped with four bait tanks, giving ample bait capacity, the latest fish-finding capabilities and a full size tuna tower for ease in spotting kelp patties, birds, and porpoise.

Enjoy a spacious salon with plenty of comfort, staterooms with private heads, TV, DVD, and Stereo. Come Experience the difference it makes to fish aboard the BassOasis.

We are also available for Whale Watching, Harbor Cruises and Dive Trips! Custom trips also available.

The sound of the diesel engines motoring through the night, you lay there in your bed, listening to the hum of the engines as you try to get a little shut-eye before a day of fishing.  The sun just barely starting to rise over the horizon, illuminating the sea, in which you are a part of now.  Thoughts of your daily life on the shore are no longer there.  You are focused on the moment and the bounty the sea may give you today.  Trolling lines go out.  You are fishing now. Is there anything better?  Then all of a sudden, when you least expect it, the clicker on the reel starts screaming with that familiar sound that is never not welcome.  Everybody is awake now, scrambling for a rod, trying to get bait in the water.  You are now more focused than ever, all you think of is the moment.  If this sounds like heaven, fish aboard the BassOasis.

Owner/Operator, Jeff Basso has spent over 30 years fishing the waters of Southern California and Mexico.  He thoroughly enjoys watching people hook-up with their first Yellowtail, Tuna, Dorado, or perhaps even a Marlin. Experience the thrill of what he himself has been so passionate about for his entire life.  The captain and crew make every effort to cater to your needs, assuring the trip of a lifetime.